Poetry of The Guest


I became a lover of my loneliness, 

a great frenemy to its existence.

And although

I was the one to build a home for it, 

I feel as if now

I am a victim of my guest.


Svetlina Trifonova







Inside this hologram the world is,
where everything is real to your perception

you are afraid to be your own self,
you are blocked from any other option, any realization, any truth
because its Spectrum is much too vast to comprehend.

This is your tragic belief.
That the only gift you gave is the one remembered,
is the one remembered,
the one chronicled deeply into the one-sided tale history is.

That the only value is the one recognized, awarded and named heroic,
all-consumed under the expansion of the praise and glory.

…While everything around us is daring us to look
beyond the stream of mottoes, sayings, quotes
beyond the covers of materials, shapes, and forms.

31st of August, 2015

Svetlina Trifonova

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