Letters of Purity

dancer-2602775_1920To you I seem light on the outside, I know.

Dancing and swirling,

frivolous, beautiful, good.

You underline all these words happily,

sitting softly in the clouds of your heart.

My beloved,

you don’t know all the storms which have passed.

Do you?

You didn’t hear the sadness of the guitars,

that didn’t arrive

or how I broke all the strings of attachment,

nor the blissful dying of all that I was.

You didn’t know how many times

I remained all alone,

till I started loving reclusion

more than this room full of people and songs.

I was demolished, and scratched, broken in two,

penetrated with the wounds of this world.

And I barely survived

in a vast sea of voices,

when in truth

I hoping to hear

the most quiet one.

nature-1547302_1920The love you had is not a good.

Love is not a trade, you know.

The love you had is never lost,

but when you forget to water,

it doesn’t grow.

When you find yourself

surrounded in the darkest woods,

Love will come and play its part.

I’m not in love –

Love runs through me.

It showers everything it meets.

And trust me,

it is not my fault

if people have become devoid.


Did you ever ask yourself,

how you became who you are today?

I like dead ends,

it’s where I made a lot of friends.

I like the glory of

an honest story,

the man who waits for

the lover of his dreams.

I like the words of a stranger,

as I wait on the train,

I have been careless

and you seem to be in danger

with these men.

do you think you can meet me again?


The Tender Heart…

Beware of the Tender Heart.

…of the sparks it sends out when it’s open.

Beware of moving stars.

When Love enters,

you and I are helpless.

You will finally be free of You.

I will be finally free of Me.

We will be emptied like old bottles,

we will be smashed like the

papers of the writer.

Our beautiful disaster

will play a small role in the Rising Sun…

One sun ray will escape the glory of the Heavens

and enter someone else’s heart.

The steel will become tender.


If you had any idea what a Soul endures through Eternity, you would be forever humbled.

Awake. Compassionate. Infused with life, with fire.

Once again, a stranger saved me and reminded me of every chance I got.


My simple words may not be enough for you right now, I know.

While you are chasing this and that in this big wild world outside.

That wild world has poisoned your heart, my beloved.

My promise through the ages was to shake up your castle of security.


Release your heart.

I will meet you on the other side when we are both washed clean…

On the shore.


I had a dream… I dreamed my life is over.

All bitterness – forgotten.

There was a Soul standing on the shore…


& some music…. 



A Tribute To The Tree


In my lungs lives a tree.

It’s my home and my stop,

always breathing in me.

9 generations of fortunate loves,

trees of colored beliefs,

trees of tireless talks.

In my lungs lives a tree.

Its leaves are floating like angels,

and its branches are deep like the sea.

Dear Tree, dear Tree….

I’m growing so strong.

Thank you for ever believing in me.


Possessions are Illusions

No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks. – Mary Wollstonecraft

A good part of my time here was spent by me, being an involuntary witness of people trying to decide between who owns what. If you sense just a little bit of resentment in this introduction, you won’t be far from the truth. Part of my special program was to be put in a situation where there is contradicting beliefs and a generous amount of paradoxes.

If you sense just a little bit of resentment in this introduction, you won’t be far from the truth. Part of my special program was to be put in a situation where there is contradicting beliefs and a generous amount of paradoxes.

Last night, I planned to rise up early out of bed, go to the gazebo in my yard, start on the 5 000 word translation,  translate also a poem, while I snuggle with little Avalokita from time to time (a newborn kittie that holds the power of a real tiger).

Then relatives stopped by the house and as you can guess, my plans were quickly dismantled. The elders are battling for an old house that no one currently lives in. I embraced the sudden change of plans and poured some coffee. I was hoping to see a heart-to-heart between my old grandmother and her brother.

I was hoping to see a heart-to-heart between my old grandmother and her brother. Because no matter how long I live on planet Earth, I hold idealistic expectations and they have been restored somehow after every single time reality kicked in and kicked them out.

My wonderful intention to start on a high note quickly got lost in translation. They are battling about an old house that no one lives in. I embraced the sudden change, poured coffee and was hoping to see a heart-to-heart of my old grandmother and her brother.

They started arguing for the ownership of an old house that no one lives in. I had dreamed about it a couple of days ago. I embraced the sudden change, poured us some coffee and was hoping … to see a heart-to-heart of my old grandmother and her brother. Little did I know, within minutes, they would begin a heated discussion of private properties that they haven’t dealt with for the last twenty years.

My grandma’s opponent didn’t care that much.

These are my last days anyway, he said.

There is no such conflict in my mind.

When my friend got a dog the other day, she sent me a photo and the simple message saying: “She’s all Mine.” She seemed relieved somehow. But what do you need to be relieved of? What?

Your cat or dog is not your cat or dog, my friend. Our house is not your house, your shoes are not your shoes, even if you paid for them with the last cent you own.  They are simply – a house, a pair of shoes.

The cat and the dog are your tiny little brothers and sisters, they carry life like any other living Soul here. You cannot possess a living being. You cannot possesses a material good either even if it says so on the paper.

People waste their precious energy all the time trying to solve material issues that don’t actually exist. I don’t have to imagine John Lennon’s verses to be true. I understand they are. Society forgot they are true. So, instead of dealing what our Souls need, we are dealing with things that don’t really exist.

Like ownership. Private properties are a complete joke if you ask me. So, instead of dealing with the Soul, Spirit & all that is Divine and inherently true, we are dealing with things that aren’t real, that doesn’t leave a single value in our consciousness.

So our consciousness becomes mostly occupied by material wants and needs. This is the shortest path that spirals down is losing yourself into the illusions which create the world of possessions, of inquiring and wanting more of everything.

Solitude? Absence? What lack is it that desperately needs Her? You are a caretaker and she’s your companion. But she’s not yours. There is no ownership here.

Our bodies are not our bodies! Why do we suffer when someone lets go of their body and wishes to go home? Is it ignorance, or selfishness, or illusions that keep is in this loop of misunderstanding.

I realize I’m not sharing a profound truth here. It’s all been written, it’s all been discovered, so at best – this is just a reminder to return to feeling lighter.

We have been heavily overloaded with so many possessions. Just take a look at the huge sales, the noisy world out there, the competition, the goal-setting where the money comes first and the man comes nowhere. Such a karmic race.

Why are we so desperate into acquiring anything? Why is it so scary to live without possessions? It’s not. It’s liberating, my friend! You suffer less, enjoy more and find bliss easily because bliss is not a long way there, it’s over here.

Once you stop paying attention to the wrong things…this happens.

I know we need a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, water, food. I’m not saying we should live without our basic needs. I’m not urging a hippie movement either. But do you realize how many are frantically over-satisfying their “needs”?

I’m not saying we should live without our basic needs. There is a slight difference between making use of all these things and clinging to them, be ready to fight with the fellow man, with those that need a kind word rather than being pushed aside for a property or a comfortable position.

I am positive you understand this. Any person with consciousness would understand. And yet, so many of us fall into the wrong pattern, we accept it as if it’s the outside world that governs us and we obey, we become slaves of what others believe.

But if their beliefs were so good, wouldn’t they be in a better place? Wouldn’t they be lighter, fulfilled and grateful?

When we leave this place, we will leave everything behind and we should not feel sorry for a single piece of possessions. 

Take care of your words, feelings, your heart, your mind, and Soul. And if you accomplish all of this, everything else will fall into place, but you won’t have lost your dignity and value over a piece of anything.

It saddens me to see that the house ends up owning the owner. Can’t you see, we are just transiting? The vastness of this Universe awaits us and we need to be gentle if we want to end up in a loving place.

Leave all violence behind.

The violence of acquiring anything is too, a type of violence.

If you receive a gift, then receive it with dignity, grace and with the desire to give back, to share, to love.

We never gain anything, we never lose anything. Nothing was ours in the first place. How can we lose or gain then? It’s true even with break-ups. What are you suffering from? It didn’t happen the way you planned and projected it. And our plans will fail every single time.

There is just one force in this world, in all words.

It gives and it takes away.

Why not be thankful for it?

Why do we deliberately lose the freedom we’ve been given?

Who do we complain to about our suffering but ourselves? 

Why do we forget our real home, our real origin?

Why do we teach kids how to be successful and we never mention there is a Soul,

a journey they are on?

Be happy when you lose, my friend.

I know I am celebrating every single time I lose.

I used to cry over failures until I finally understood,

I am given a much higher direction and what is perceived as a loss by someone, is a great, great gift to my Soul. 

It’s a precious gift: to know how to “lose’ is to know how to find your way back Home.

  • AVALOKITA means the one who sees clearly, with the eyes of Truth, with compassion

Much Love, 

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Inside, We’re Endless |Sharing The Light of My Soul


      As I was walking home that Sunday evening, I felt as if the Earth beneath my feet is nothing but a tiny round particle and I am a giant overlooking at the moon, where other tiny giants like me were walking, directing their heads down the Earth.

They were also upside down, like me. I felt the Gravity disappear, my body became as light as a feather. I felt my feet lifting off the ground. I remembered about levitation, I remember having done it before. Before what, you may ask. Before this lifetime, before this intersection. Most probably before anything else I can recall about my existence here. 

I remembered the words of Vejinov, (Pavel Vejinov was the first to write Sci-fi stories in Bulgaria that I know of). My memory flashed back to my early years, I was a young girl reading his books. In one of the stories, he wrote about a young girl that flew from the balcony into the starry sky.

Is there a particular reason I’m remembering this now? Just a few days before I take off on the metal wings of a plane to Geneva, trying to open up a new space in my life. I would live in Switzerland for six months, write as much as I can, finally start publishing on svetlina.org and enjoy the silence of the peaceful lake in Neuchâtel. Visit France, since it is so incredibly close, it’s almost a crime if I didn’t.

My, oh my. Why is it that I feel suddenly so comfortable now that I am leaving and I feel so pressured to stay when I’m here? What is it with this consciousness of mine, am I seeking an escape or is it just so normal for me to travel anywhere and feel like I’ve always been there within days. Does that make me easily adaptable or am I just a young vagabond woman, running away from her lifelines. My obedient and my rebels side were playing a match of control.

My obedient and my rebels side were playing a match of control. Busted! You’re out. I can’t overthink my actions anymore. I’d rather fall down and get back up a thousand times than feel trapped by my cranium and locked in my mind. Is that even a thing? Let’s go back to that writer… That story was never really a whimsical piece of science fiction. I knew it when I read it – it was a very simple truth. A very simple gift. A very normal thing for me to read. The so-called “alien” in his car, the flying girl – all his words were true. It is both scary and liberating when you realize that all of those books, movies, and songs were transmitting something that is a truth somewhere.

His stories were never really a whimsical piece of science fiction or a wild production of his imagination. You cannot think of anything else if it doesn’t exist in some shape, form, realm, somewhere. I knew it when I read it – it was a very simple truth. A very simple gift. A very normal thing for me to read. The so-called “alien” in his car, the flying girl – all his words were true. It is both scary and liberating when you realize that all of those books, movies, and songs were transmitting something that is a truth somewhere.

I knew it when I read it, it was a very simple truth. A very simple ability of ours. A very normal thing for me to read. We can fly. The so-called “alien” in his car, the girl flying over the balcony – it’s all true. Bend your mind, now. It is both scary and liberating when you realize that all of those books, movies, and songs were transmitting something that is a truth somewhere.

He just had the eyes to see it, therefore it was a very real truth to him.

I was and always have been Home.

But I got it wrong. The home I lived in hadn’t felt like home for a long, long time. I knew no other home would ever be a real home. It would always be a comfortable shell, a temporary piece of matter around me for practical purposes. You need a roof over your head, right? Can you really bear living in the vastness of creation without some false sense of protection?

The Self had left, way back in time, and I was the one trying to catch up, to mend it, to unite myself with myself. I was dreaming of mazes and my consciousness was trying to collect itself – jumping between memories, dreams, meetings, traumas and true gaps of Love in between. My greatest friend and my greatest enemy had to gladly shake hands and hug it out among all the controversy. Let’s end the debate.

I felt safe.

I looked around and with all the violence happening somewhere in the world, I felt incredibly safe. I was protected. Someone was watching over me he was smiling at the little progress I had made. Someone had actually guessed my step and in spite of the fact that I would return in just three weeks to my country, my grandmother would pass away three days after and I would feel back as Point Zero again, someone really tapped me on the shoulder.

For I was not afraid of failure, of doing good or bad, of right or wrong, I was thirsty for the Great Mystery of Life.

I could no longer live within my limitations. I am a Spirit! I am a Soul! I’m not a silent dot somewhere on the map of the world. The key to every possibility is within me. The key to end suffering is to open up the borders of my mind.

I had made it out alive – out of the cubicle of the first part of my life, unforgettable years of challenges beyond imagination. I was out of feeling like a victim like there’s no choice like I had to be obedient and listen to all the voices around. It was far from easy, it was a prison, it was universal freedom, it was abandonment, forgiveness, letting go, it was unthinkable, beyond all belief – Love, it was a loss, a deep fog, it was rebellion and now finally – it was Peace.

The little guardian above me wrote my fortunes had done well. 

For 27 years – you will fail, and fail, and fail.


What? What do you mean? I will FAIL? And I wished it myself? That makes no sense!

  • Yes, my beloved girl. You will fail repeatedly and you will never ever be satisfied with any of your endeavors. You will fall flat on your knees, knowing every time that you’re limited. You will feel great pain and you will try to remember your true Essence. You will never ever be in love with the world again, for it’s just a simple reflection of my Divinity. You will never ever wish to compete, judge or belittle yourself. You chose to set yourself up for failure and experience what all Human Beings experience but never come out of. I was the one who respected your wish. for your wish, was out of Love for others. You made a choice to enter the Incredible Lightness, the Universal, Divine Love, so I you became Love from the very core of your being. Your Being will open up to receive the Greatest Gifts that were ever known to man, but just a few reach out to receive them. You will help others to recognize Divinity within themselves and stop playing so small. You will know you belong to the great Cosmos and this is your true and only Home. You are not a being of any country, a lover or even a friend. You will understand, this is just the everlasting dance of Life. You will regain Liberty and the Souls you are with will be uplifted by this act. And then, when you know yourself a little better, you will embark on the most incredible journey. Your True Life begins and your False Life ends there. The Written Word will be your sword anywhere you go. You will know your Silence, know your gentleness and you will begin to love every part of your gracious being. You will know with all your mistakes that you are intended to Be. You are and always will be Blessed. 

There I was. On the edge of the Earth, soaked in Cosmic glory, feeling like Gaia is so tiny, finally knowing the human Spirit infinite. I was heading somewhere I’ve always been.

Inside, we’re Endless.

*A note to the reader: Dear reader, failure is never ever about losing your job, a house or a friend. Or even about someone passing away. Failure is never missing a deadline or a promotion. Failure is falling away from the Truth, falling from Grace. Do you know who you are? Did you ever meet yourself along the way of to-do lists today? If you did, I hope you understand my story. All my titles, all my promotions, all my well-thought courses, all my clothes, and vacations failed. They were nothing of value for they were all just minor chords in the Song of my Life. They were out there. They passed through me and didn’t say anything about Who I AM. Your Truth never depends on where you live, where you dine, who you are with, where you are photographed and how much you earned. One day and that day is knocking on our door, nobody will even remember this temporary world of objects. In just century or two, everyone will live in Love beyond all matter. Some already do. I wish there’s more of us.

If you like my message, Share it. You will help me to remind us who we really are.

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The Greatest Loss

At Dawn

What I now know
is less than I could have known, but greater than me.
While it rests in the I, it flows out of my eye.
I can’t keep it.
It is never mine, never yours.
We are floating in and out of our beings
and you are forever glorious and imperfect, my love.
What I now know is a liquid step in the desert –
it will perish through the transient days.
Out of ignorance, we committed
more crimes than we would, if we knew:
Debt is paid only by death.
Dead love is, as it seems, the greatest loss of a man.




Inside this hologram the world is,
where everything is real to your perception

you are afraid to be your own self,
you are blocked from any other option, any realization, any truth
because its Spectrum is much too vast to comprehend.

This is your tragic belief.
That the only gift you gave is the one remembered,
is the one remembered,
the one chronicled deeply into the one-sided tale history is.

That the only value is the one recognized, awarded and named heroic,
all-consumed under the expansion of the praise and glory.

…While everything around us is daring us to look
beyond the stream of mottoes, sayings, quotes
beyond the covers of materials, shapes, and forms.

31st of August, 2015

Svetlina Trifonova

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