5th Slavic Poetry Festival, Poland @ Bielsko-Biala Photography credits: art-foto.grajek.pl

         Svetlina (Light) Trifonova arrived on this world on a crisp September morning, 27 years ago and that happened to be in one of the oldest cities in the world – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The grapes had already bottled enough juice and sunrays.

She was incredibly sensitive as a child and all that could hold her interest were observation, silence, and art. She says was “dropped from a fluffy cloud right down this Earth so smooth” and was very surprised to discover the roughness of the ground. For a long while, she was trying to fit into this world as many other gentle souls do through the standard methods that seemed appropriate.

Svetlina loves to remind herself that she was born in the gap between two centuries and her work is to create a bridge between them. Her name means Light in Bulgarian and speaks of her path quite well. Transforming darkness into life and light, pain into forgiveness, practice the alchemy of love and acceptance, master it fully and transfer it to the collective. How hard can it be?

The greatest engine that keeps her going is that if she’s capable of doing it, others can do it, too. Perhaps she can assist and ease the suffering, maximize the lightness of being. Her first memory of writing was when she was just a few years old, writing and drawing with her index finger in the air while staring at the ceiling for countless hours. During her earlier years, she wrote and kept most of her work to herself.

She knows words are truly alive creative forces and she sometimes feels as if she’s the keeper of them. The art of living is, in its dynamics, a form of writing. Her expression online is at svetlina.org or “In Soliloquy” – a source of poetry, prose, essays in Bulgarian & English. The word “Soliloquy” marked her path since 2007 when she felt so much love while hearing this beautiful Latin word for the first time. You can read about it here.

Her formal education is in the fields of International Economics and Management, but the quest for Truth, Spirituality, Psychology, Healing, and Writing truly became pointers in her life. She lived in Bulgaria for most of the years, in Belgium for a little while, and Switzerland just for little. Svetlina successfully practiced being in the Business world and gained valuable experiences.

Ironically, the experience there kept bringing her back to truth-seeking, writing and her deep desire to serve others. She continued to work as a freelancer in the fields of Writing, Translating, Copywriting, and Communications, etc. One of her joyful realizations is that career changes make her flourish and her own spiritual path opens up.

She dearly cares about the innate truth that words are alive and live inside of us. Regardless of individual treats, they pull us back to where we are all Souls, doing our infinite dance in Creation.

Deepest desire: to uplift the Spirit of others, to soften hearts and remind us that we can live gently, without creating unconscious pain.

Svetlina holds no bounds to religion, politics or any belief system except for the Universal healthy net of Love, Truth, and Wisdom. Some of her poetry has been published recently in an Almanac named “The Voice of The Universe” as part of the annual festival “Spirituality without Limits” held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria organized by “Quant & Friends”. Sixty international poets were featured in this collection of poems and she was the youngest one.

Svetlina also acted as the transmitting voice of poetry in a spectacle called “The Dance of Light” in the 7-day festival in “The city of the Seven Hills” Plovdiv. She read the works of the poets, bards and other beautiful artists in a poetic show called “The Dance of the Light”. Recently, she went to the incredibly beautiful town of Bielsko-Biala in Poland for the 5th Slavic Poetry Festival London-Warsaw-Chehowice-Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Wytrych magazine by Wolna Inicjiatywa Artystyczna, Poland


Books are coming up soon and a lot more of value to share.

Feel free to read more at svetlina.org/en/. 

svetlina.triffonova (at) gmail.com