The Healing Path

More and more people open up to what actually happens when they begin clearing their lives. This is an excerpt from a conversation about what happens when we begin to seek purity in our lives. Especially valid for people with addictions or people who have suffered trauma, pain in their lives or have had self-abusive tendencies.  

There is one thing you should know when you want to change your direction and go upwards with everything I mentioned last night.

There is a fight, things don’t go down without a fight, it is how redemption happens. And yet, it is a fight that fuels you with love and compassion after every battle.

And it makes you humble, and truthfully loving. It’s how love reveals. Poetry is nothing compared to it, a love relationship is nothing compared to it. Well, not exactly nothing, but the greater whole is larger.

So, I didn’t mean to make it sound so easy. It isn’t. Because when the clearing starts, the payment for our transgressions accelerates.

Just expect it, and whatever happens, don’t be afraid.

If you suffer intensively, don’t be afraid. Some “old friends” of ours come. It’s like that friend who hands you a glass of wine, saying you will feel better in the morning and yet, you are foggy in the morning.

The invisible false friends come in the forms of thoughts, feelings, habits. But it’s okay.

As long as you take away their power little by little. Now, it was my duty to share this and although it may seem long, I barely even touched the topic.

Make small steps, very small. And when the time comes, take the big leap at once.

Timeless Flower

Open up,
I say.

Open up
the timeless flower

the freshness of today

will entice
your Soul
to flourish,
to marvel,
to inspire.