9999: The Finishing Line of Insecurity

people-2569545_1920I didn’t really know

if what I do will die or grow.

I only felt a gentle touch of higher realms,

much higher than the ones I know.

Then my insecurity became my base

and it turned it was,

a better base than those

who build their place regardless


of their Souls.

I kept and kept on going,

till I reached the summit.

I would climb

both with my feet and with my hands

only so that

I could

raise my Spirit.

All the obstacles ahead were blinking lights,

some of the writers that I met

(shhh, don’t tell!)

were all somehow

avoiding life…


But one day recently

I heard a voice that said:


Don’t you worry, my beloved

Nothing real in you could ever die.


All is transient, don’t worry.












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