Thoughts, Truth & Nuances of Truth


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You may want to sit comfortably.

Words are Soul-food,

not Fast-food 🙂


No thought that was ever thought in this world has been lost. There are thoughts that we cannot bend enough to fit through language. They cannot be communicated. Language is a system, like any system – it also provides a limited individual experience if one relies heavily on what one hears in a conversation.

A Question of Essence

It’s a sign of inadequacy and absorption with what the world thinks and not what my Essence is, when I rely on someone to tell me and uncover a truth for me. Sadly, I’ve done this. Until I began to ask myself and not just anyone the essential questions. I stared to look for answers in living, not in mind-joggling discussions.


Wouldn’t everyone hold a possibility for your own upbringing?

Almost everyone can become a reason, a condition for a realization.

And you can be the condition to someone else’ realization.

God speaks through everyone, no to everyone.

Many claim God speaks to them.

But how did you know it’s God that speaks to you and not a guide? Or a teacher? Or a Spirit? How did he sound? Don’t you think his voice would be a little different then all the voices you have ever heard?

They dislike these questions, remember it. They may say: “I just know” but there are many fake “I just know”-s these days. To the one who knows, a fake “I know” will spark at least 1% of healthy doubt. There is a little lesson on humbleness to many gurus and enlightened ones here.

Every page on the internet is enlightened.

Is that real though or is it just the right words?

If God had spoken to you directly and blessed you in such a profound way for eternity, would you go all out and shout it from a microphone on a stage? Would you like to be scattered or would you be more composed than ever?

Would you be forever humbled, forever astounded with his grace? What good will it do to others to hear that? Would it lead them or confuse them? Would it matter now? Does it mean you have to “lead” others? Now, that you know there is only One true leader, that there are no heroes, no saints even.

There’s only One that is Holy.

So, who in this world would have that grace and that vastness to call themselves or to be called Holy?


We will never ever have the complete picture through language. Remember that. 

Now I realize, that is my task, not the task of language or people to keep the connection with the Divine. I ought to do my work well if I want to graduate and fulfill my tasks in this lifetime, withstand the challenges and let go of past residue that comes to live, simply because it’s known to me.

Words are Alive.

Clean up your words.

Clean them very, very well, clean them with your heart, use your mind in the right direction, make him a good server, and devote everything in your life to three most spectacular driving forces – Love, Truth, and Wisdom. 

So, endless questioning stops here. (Oops, daily chatter just became obsolete! One who rose in love with the beauty of Silence would rarely be interested in 1 hour of noise.)

This is why truths are not transferred through language in full. The spiritual world knows and prefers Silence. Thoughts translate from Silence to Sound, to Waves, to …(you choose what else) & they create, build, manifest. Thoughts are connectors. 

Now, beware how many people are locked in their castle of thoughts. Oh, goodness. I remember a person who couldn’t stand quiet or still for 2 hours on a Sunday.  

Step One on the Spiritual path is – clean your language and be mindful of your words, right? Stay silent as much as you can.


Children know this.

They often say: “You talk too much” and go out there and play as they find the chatter uninteresting.

So, we have to now rise to their standard which is often way higher than ours in terms of purity. To a child – what is, is. They don’t analyze constantly and they don’t understand linear perceptions. What is that – “yesterday, today, tomorrow’. There’s Now, they don’t get it and we force them to learn it and unlearn what we now try to re-learn.

Nuances of Truth

There can be only nuances of a truth, leads and signs and no matter how much we communicate. Truths are to be experienced. Every thought (and everything) are there in their potential state until they are brought into existence and called to action.

Thoughts are actions

Many don’t realize that a single thought can help someone or hurt them, right? Do I even have the right to think negatively about anyone for that matter? Or, do I have the responsibility to help them through the right thought? So many questions arise of that, right?

They are all connected to responsibility and directing our energy in a better way.

This is the responsibility of not living with our hands in the sand, finally admitting that reality is way more than it seems to our 5 limited senses. Our misconception about it does not leave us out of the responsibility to exist in the whole vast, beautiful complexity of Creation.

“If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it.” – You’ve heard this somewhere along your way, I’m sure.

Our misconception about what is manifested and what is not does not leave us out of the responsibility to exist in the whole vast, beautiful complexity of Creation.


This is the responsibility of not living with our hands in the sand, finally admitting that reality is way more than it seems to our limited 5 senses. Our misconception about it does not leave us out of the responsibility to exist in the whole vast, beautiful complexity of Creation.

Thoughts are equal to actions and the separation of thoughts from hard matter is an illusion, that used to work as a protective shield. What happens if you suddenly think of something and it materializes right in front of you?

What if you still have deeply embedded fears and they materialize as well? Now it makes sense why the spiritual path can be dangerous, huh? On a side note, I remember

On a side note, I remember reading somewhere:

Don’t meditate before you’ve cleaned and realigned your energetic system completely. That includes cleaning all physical organs as a must. 

That means aligning our energy system with what we are preparing for. No one is allowed to live in a better state of Heart, Soul, Mind, and Spirit without certain purity and certain purification processes. Let me tell you, some of those can be quite a ride! It’s not all sun fields, white clouds and happy tunes!

It can be harsh, devastating, it could feel as if you whole everything is ending. It’s a narrow, hard path to walk and there’s no one around to comfort you in any way. This is how the connection to the divine strengthens. When you give in completely.

It can bring great rewards, but if you are looking for those, you will be disappointed. You may never see rewards in any visible way. You can experience, however, great, out-of-this world hurt and pain in order to know the truth. So, prepare yourself well if you are looking for depth.


As a child, I remember watching certain objects on the TV, wondering why they don’t appear right in front of me, they are locked in a box but when I reach for them I hit the box, not the object. That is a small memory of “a place” (it’s not a place) where that does happen. Where what you think becomes reality. (Depicted in the Dr. Strange, as far as I remember)

If one day, this world sees this and practices it, what would all the big, heavy manufacturers do with their time, I wonder? If we realize there are much higher realms of reality to reach, then oh, heavenly goodness.

Lot’s of the so-called important works of anything would disintegrate. People would have more time to devote to working on themselves, to spirituality, arts, meditation, prayer and creating things that matter. 

Now, after this text – you decide where Society is now and how much it would take to reach that huge leap. Maybe not so much, maybe you and I already know of the great, incredible work ahead of us and are ready to be responsible, to reach that state of existence.

The essence is always in the gaps that occur in our linear perceptions, the Essence of Life is in the existence we have overlooked.

Be Blessed,






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